Wooden bath “Eternal KHIS”

for a spa-like experience at home

Wooden bath “Eternal KHIS” is tall and sculptural, with a capacity of up to 700 litres. It is the perfect centrepiece for large bathrooms. Each bath can be made-to-order, based upon your specific needs and preferences. Eternal KHIS is available in two elegant styles (Classic and French).

See our stone bottom selection.

Once your order is received and we confirm all the custom details, your exclusive, handcrafted bath will be delivered within 9 weeks (depending on the model and availability of accessories).

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Eternal KHIS Classic

Our standard style with high, straight sides. It offers the greatest water capacity. Even the smallest models create a spa sensation.

Eternal KHIS French

A classical French style with symmetric cutout sides. Provides effortless access from both sides.

Features of KHIS

One of a kind bathtubs in the world


Fully customisable

Natural materials

Thermally processed wood

Unique rubber seals

Stainless steel interior cables

Non-toxic, eco-friendly finishing

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