About KHIS

Bath as a design element

Loneliness can be boring. Emptiness can be sad. Neither is true for KHIS bathtub, with its unique design, meant to catch your attention and please senses even empty. KHIS bathtub as design element — building your bathroom (or your very personal spa) around it.

As in nature, you only can build your own universe in a safe, cozy, warm and inspiring place. Whether you use the things around you, or contemplate them — it has to be aesthetically enjoyable, unique, eye-catching. Like KHIS bathtub.

KHIS bath

KHIS philosophy

Everything about ourselves is in constant movement, whatever efforts we make to stop the time and capture the essence. Some traditions have to be kept and nourished — bathtub made of fine wood; and some have to be started by ourselves.

With KHIS, you can start your own tradition of quality time, gliding through waves of fullness.


We believe in natural flow of time and experience. We believe that maintaining natural rhythm of life is essential, keeping up with harmony around us is the path to follow.

You can have your very own home spa, indulge yourself with lasting warmth of wooden KHIS bathtub, experience tranquility and relaxing effect of bathing.

Frants Seer

KHIS Master Craftsman

Frants Seer

I love the natural world. My family has lived in the countryside for generations, and now I am raising my children here. I want them to have a deep, life-long connection to nature — to trees, to water, to pure air. I started building KHIS baths to re-establish the link between bathing (a natural and soothing activity) and nature — a relationship that has been broken by building bathtubs from synthetic materials. Even most wooden baths are covered in varnish or plastic, so they no longer feel like natural wood.

My challenge was to build a bath that is organic, but still durable and beautiful. After three years of experimenting with different materials, designs, processes and technologies, I finally found a special combination that works perfectly.
You won't find baths like these made by anyone else. Not only are these baths unique in the world, but no two baths are the same. This is part of the beauty of making baths by hand — each one is distinctive.

You'll find my name on every bath I create because I take pride in my craftsmanship and in the quality and elegance of each hand-built bath. And I believe you'll be proud to own one and experience the natural, luxurious relaxation provided by a KHIS bath.