Assembled individually

KHIS bathtub is assembled by hand, every project
individually, from hand-cut and hand-nished ashen parts.
Every detail is unique in its’ measures, making each KHIS
bathtub engineering achievement.


Color of KHIS bathtub is dark brown, almost black - due to the thermal processing of the wood at 215°C. Apart of elegant appeal, it gives the wood extraordinary water-resistance and durability. As with all products designed for indulgence, postprocessing is vital part of the process - KHIS bathtubs have eco-friendly post- processing, either by natural linen seed oil or hot waxing. KHIS is available in 3 different models, with 3 different finishing lines. Also bottom of the bathtub of your choice - wooden or made of stone - is available.

Unique technology

Combination of materials, design and technology can make simply good things great. KHIS bathtubs use rubber seals to connect hand-cut wooden parts, made of Nordic ash - the combination that’s made to last, providing durability and aesthetic appeal.

Thermally modified wood-what is it? Find out from our cooperation partner`s blog.